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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hippety Hopper

I just got into watching Robert McKimson cartoons more, and I must say that his early directing attempts were certainly better than what would come later. I find McKimson an adequate director, but that's only because he really was just an animator at heart.

His early cartoons he directed had very fun and fluid animation, and the cartoons with the very silent character, Hippety Hopper, are good examples of what I'm talking about. Hippety may not be as cute as he was later, but then again McKimson wasn't about cute.

I thought it was great watching Sylvester's reactions to the baby kangaroo and the dog trying to help him out. The ending was a real knee-slapper, too! I'll also post more McKimson cartoons later, so enjoy this one for now.

Here's another great Hippety cartoon, Pop in Pop!

Nothing But the Tooth

Another Davis short put up by request. There's not much to say about this one except the wonderful animation again by Bill Melendez, Emery Hawkins, Basil Davidovitch, and more.
The Indian here is an okay character, but it's funny how he's portrayed as well.