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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pecos Pest

Very hilarious! Jerry's uncle Pecos makes a great one-shot character. I'm not sure who does his voice, though it sounds like Stan Freberg.

I'm not sure why, but these facial expressions just crack me up (especially the middle one!). Maybe it's out of knowing Tom's fear of Uncle Pecos.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cat Above and the Mouse Below

My favorite Tom and Jerry from the Chuck jones era. To start, the character designs are pretty good. I prefer Tom's old look from the H-B years, though. I mean he just looks too cuddly in these cartoons to be Tom. Then again, the Boris Karloff-eyebrows are pretty cool.
However, I adore Jerry's new look. He's just so cuddly, I wanna hug him! In fact, one of the characters I created has his look based on this version of Jerry. I'll get to posting his pictures once I get a scanner.

The music's great in this one, and Jerry's aria at the end always makes me smile.

Tee for Two

Another favorite of mine from the Tom and Jerry filmography. I think people who play golf will really like this short. I happen to know some people who golf like Tom, too. Unfortunatly, I'm one of them!

These are some great backgrounds painted by Robert Gentle from Klangley's site. Thanks, buddy! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rabbit Transit

The last, but certainly the least, of the "Tortoise vs. Hare" bugs cartoons. Friz Freling tried to make the theme of Bugs vs. Cecil more down-to-earth for this one. Well it worked.

Now don't get me wrong, I thought this one is funny, but it doesn't have the energy and fun of the previous two shorts. Anyway, watch it here:

Tortoise Wins by a Hare

Out of all of the "Tortoise vs. Hare" Bugs bunny shorts, this one is the best one. directed by the ever-so vunedvah Bob Clampett! There's a lot of great jokes in this one as well as fluid directional control and beautiful scenes animated by Rod Scribner.

A model sheet of Cecil. I like his new hat. Wonder why they didn't use it...

I think Clampett may have had a fetish for suicide gags.
Anyway, here's the toon so you can watch, too! :)

Merrie Melodies - Tortoise Wins by a Hare (1943)
Uploaded by Cartoonzof2006

Tortoise Beats Hare

Ah yes. This one was posted on request, but I actually meant to post this one anyway. This was Tex Avery's 2nd Bugs Bunny cartoon after his sucessful "A Wild Hare". Now it's here where an extra dimension of Bug's personality unfolds: if you put the heckling hare into a situation that he isn't in control of, like here, then Bugs will turn into the heckled and in the end, tries to figure out just how and why he lost.

Now here's a model sheet from Tex's department by Bob Givens (I think).

Here's the cartoon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robin Hood Daffy

In my book, the best Porky and Daffy cartoon ever. Ever. This one is just hilarious. A real golden oldie. The violence and action-reaction gagas were what made this work. Plus, I'm a big Chuck Jones fan. Just watch and see why.

The Adventures of Daff-bot and Pork-stello

Sorry for that incredibily lame pun.

Aside from that, this post is about the partnership between Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. It almost seems like they were MADE just to be partners. Perhaps it's just because thier personalities are so diffreent from each other that they go well together. After all, opposites attract! :)

It all started in 1937 with Tex Avery's film, Porky's Duck Hunt. This film was one of Tex's gems when he worked at Warner Bros. This was the first time Porky and Daffy had been together as well as Daffy's first cartoon.

(Yeah, I didn't post this, but I'm just using it as an example.)

After Tex, Bob Clampett was the next director to try out this odd couple. The relationship between duck and pig always changed with directors. In the case of Bob Clampett, they're acquantances or good friends. Here to represent this are two Clampett toons, The Daffy Doc and Tick Tock Tuckered.

Even though Robert McKimson had alot of Clampett's ideas when he became a director, his ideas with Porky and Daffy's partnership was far diffrent. The two are usually casted as enemies or they just don't like each other. Daffy Doodles, McKimson's first cartoon he directed, is a good example of this rivalry.

Finally there's Chuck Jones. Jones usually casted them as friendly partners, but he usually made Daffy the star of these cartoons instead of Porky. Daffy still retains a little daffiness for these shorts while Porky was downgraded to an eager sidekick or just a calm sarcastic one. They also parodied a lot of movie genres with Jones, form westerns to science fiction. Here are a couple of these cartoons, Deduce, You Say, Rocket Squad, and Duck Dodgers.