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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kaa Model Sheets

In case you're wondering, I find snakes the hardest animals to draw in cartoons. It's not body composition, believe me, that's the easy part! It's getting the head to look right is what's so hard about drawing them! To help myself out, I found some model sheets of Kaa the python from Walt Disney's The Jungle Book (1967). They're good resources to learn how to draw snakes(especially the second one for heads!)

Before you ask, I am a Wolfgang Reitherman fan (That's who directed The Jungle Book). His style of drawing and directing really just captivates me. In my opinion, he actually did the best cartoons for Disney in the 1960's. His drawings are rather almost like Chuck Jones' drawings to me.

More snake heads:This one above has a good angle to work with.
My God, that's a big snake!!!!


Anonymous said...

A great Blog! I know this isn't related to the Kaa sheet, but I have a question. I've recently found and watched (online--a great many from your site!) all the Bugs Bunny cartoons starting with A Wild Hare and ending with False Hare. However there were three that I couldn't find anywhere on the web. They are Hare-Abian Nights, Backwoods Bunny, and Bonanza Bunny. Do you have these? If so, could you post them?

JSmith said...

Thst's alright. No, I don't have those cartoons, but when I find them I'll be sure to post them here.

And thank you for visiting this blog. There'll be plenty more cartoons and doodles soon! Just be sure to check up on the blog every now and then.

Ces said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog through word of mouth, very appreciated for the time you spend on collecting this fantastic material. I am an aspiring animator, and together with a group of talented designers we're brainstorming ideas to come up with ideas for small but fun animations, you can take a look at :
Here in The Netherlands unfortunately the animation scene is very small, and I would very much appreciate your enlightened opinion with regards to the construction of story-lines and gags....we may not be worthy, but we're certainly trying...
ps: the 'Kaa' modelsheets cannot be enlarged, pity!

Namowal said...

You're correct- a cartoon snake is tricky to draw- especially the head and face. Maybe part of the challenge is giving him human expressions, yet keeping him snakelike.
So I Googled "Kaa" to see how the experts handled it, and found your blog. I'll enjoy exploring it!