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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tiger Trouble

The best of the Goofy cartoons. Period.

Like a lot of Jack Kinney's cartoons, this one has a Warner Bros feel to it. The music's very jazzy, the animation is close if not a little better, and the gags are hilarious!

Speaking of animation, Milt Kahl did this short, too! He did most of the animation on the tiger here. His animation of the big cat wrestling with Goofy is priceless! It's very fluid, solid, and very funny. Just the things that animation is all about!

Here's some sketches by Bill Beet, too.

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cskartune said...

Totally agree with you on this short. Bill Peet was a master at storytelling and this, coupled with Jack Kinney's direction, makes a completely fun, wacky short.

I remember hearing Walt had some doubts of adding stripes to the tiger on account it would be too time-consuming to draw. I'm glad the crew won him over, otherwise the end gag wouldn't have made much sense ;)