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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Genie the Light Brown Hare

I've snuck this guy in several promo images, but never properly introduced him to y'all!

Meet Genie, a rabbit with one magical personality! He's really a 50,000 year-old genie rabbit who was just recently released by a man who buys him at the pet store. He has power beyond imagination. He's very light-hearted and fun loving as well as a natural prankster. Genie is very wise due to age and experience too. He doesn't like dogs and prefers fruits over vegetables.

The human is Charles M. Avery, the man who buys Genie at a pet store for $5. He's single, a little cranky, and frustrated with his life and his new rabbit's pranks. Chuck's also middle-aged and works at a toy factory. He's going through a mid-life crisis and needs some excitement in his life. Genie is just what the doctor ordered!

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