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Monday, May 24, 2010


Ralph's Japanese cousin Leroy comes to visit him. Everything seems to go OK except whenever Leroy sees Lionel, he goes berserk and wants to fight him to the death.

Leroy is Ralph's cousin from Japan. He looks like a Pokemon but is actually a mouse like Ralph. Around his American cousin, he's a very ...considerate, polite person. However, when provoked or whenever he bumps into a cat, he can turn into a neurotic sociopath who demands a fight using his bizarre powers.

Leroy is a satire of Japanese anime cartoons (specifically Pokemon). He's brown like Ralph, but has pink eyes and pointier ears. His tail alos makes a lightning bolt shape.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Stuff and a New Character!

Some updates for those who read this blog. Here's a title sequence for the cartoon Mousse in Boots, starring Ralph and Lionel.

And on a major note, I've got a new character for the Bear & Eli cartoons!
This is Elanor, an orange toy elephant from the Bear and Eli universe. She's sort of a female counterpart of Eli. She's fun-loving, yet sensible like Bear. Her beret suggests her creative side. She loves to paint and come up with stories. She appears to have a crush on Eli, but he prefers that they stay friends thanks to his child-like persona. She's Bear's best friend aside from Eli and have a lot of fun writing stories together. She's the only character in the series that talks with a Mid-Atlantic accent.

Elanor's design comes from one of my own toy elephants. Like Elanor, she's orange with a green flower on her tummy. Who knows? I may wind up making Eli a best friend too. :)