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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baseball Bugs

A reenacting of the last Astros game.
With baseball season coming to a close, I figured this would be appropriate. Baseball Bugs is one of my favorite Bugs cartoons because I think Bugs as a single ball team reminds me of many of the underdog teams we all root for and want to see win. In my case, that would be the Houston Astros. Good God, those poor guys had a bad season. 

The last game I went to personally, they lost 13 to 6. The conga scene with the Gashouse Gorillas at bat really reminds me of the way the Astros practically let the Cardinals win that night.. Even the scoreboard looked like it did in this 'toon.

Well I like this cartoon because of that and it's friggin' hilarious! Oh, and look out for some good Virgil Ross animation in this one. Enjoy! ;)


1 comment:

Yowp said...

Thanks for the effort putting together the animated .gif.
There are so many great gags in this one, even if you're not a baseball fan.
Paul Julian outdoes himself with the fence.
I still don't get the jingle.
Fine supporting voice cast of Tedd, Bea and Frank Graham.