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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mouse on 57th Street

In honor of the new Chuck Jones documentary and marathon on tonight on TMC, I thought I'd post this underrated feature directed by Mr. Jones.

This cartoon has the honor of being the last Warner Bros cartoon written by Mike Maltese. It's really hard to find and just as hard to see on TV. I think I only saw it once on Cartoon Network before I rediscovered it on YouTube.

Anyway, this is one of Chuck's best and most unique cartoons he did at Warner Bros. I don't think he ever made another short like this during his career.


Jess said...

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Yowp said...

Is that Julie Bennett as the woman?


JSmith said...

Jess - Thanks for letting me see your blog. It's pretty cool to see animation in other countries other than Japan (no offense to anime fans!)

Yowp - I think it is Julie Bennet doing that woman's voice. :)