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Friday, June 5, 2009

Pluto and the Armadillo

I just got into watching Disney films again. I gotta say, some of them are pretty impressive. Sure, they're no Warner Bros. cartoons, but these films have real craftsmanship. True art in motion. Wonderful animation. Lively music.

Anyway, this one isn't very remarkable. I'm not really a big Pluto fan, but this cartoon was really cute. I also really like the theme music for the armadillo when it's walking. It's a nice way to kill off 7 minutes.

From what I heard, Pluto and the Armadillo was supposed to have been in the movie, Saludos Amigos, but ended up being cut from the final film due to time constraints. Well, I'm glad they finished it instead of abandoning the idea.

Below are some really cool sketches by Frank Thomas.

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