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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buckaroo Bugs

Man, there's a lot of history with this cartoon. First of all, it was Bug bunny's first Looney Tunes cartoon and the final cartoon produced by Leon Schlesinger during his stay at the Warner Bros.

Buckaroo is also one of Bob Clampett's finest cartoons. There's great animation from Bob McKimson and Rod Scriber to see in this gem, especially near the end when Red Ryder and his horse jump off a canyon cliff. The horse's take in that scene was genius and could only be thought up of by an animator from Clampett's unit. I think it was McKimson, but I'm not sure.


suncub said...

Great toon, hav eto admit :)
Still makes you wonder where Clapett and the others got that
idea for Bugs to rob red this unique way, that never been used again in another toon that i know of.

Mike Priolo said...

Regarding the horse's take as they fall, based on what I've learned recently, I would guess that the animation was by either Manny Gould, or more likely, Rod Scribner. I would be surprised if it were McKimson; but maybe I have something to learn here.