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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cobs and Robbers

I don't think I ever covered a Barney Bear cartoon before, but here goes...
Now, Barney was made back in 1941 by Rudie Ising. His earliest shorts were kinda Disney-esque, but rather dull to me. His last official cartoons were made in the 50's by Dick Lundy. I think these were the best thatnks to great comic timing. Lundy's cartoons weren't funny on the same level as Tex Avery's, but still laughable.
Cobs and Robbers is actually my favorite one from this era. The wind-up crow bait gag was just hilarious. Don't know who animated it, but combined with Scott Bradley's musical score - genius!
Oh, and look at the card around 1:27! ;)

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