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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wee-Willy Wildcat

Yup. Willy Wildcat. The meanest kid that ever lived!
Another great Barney Bear cartoon and another fine addition to the Dick Lundy film collection. I feel sorry for poor Barney because he tries everything to bond with the kid, gets practically killed. The end was the payoff of the short.
Yessir, that child psychology really works, don't it?

The Bear's Tale

An early Tex Avery fairy-tale cartoon. I find this cartoon a good attempt at having most of the story's jokes based on narrative break-downs. The papa bear, of course, was my favorite. That hearty laugh (supplied by Avery himself) really knows how to make me laugh, as well as the line, "I know there's no robber! There's just a little girl asleep up there. I read this story last week in Reader's Digest!" The below gag, I heard, has been used in a lot of Benny Hill episodes.
So what does Red Riding Hood have that Goldilocks hasn't?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Buckaroo Bugs

Man, there's a lot of history with this cartoon. First of all, it was Bug bunny's first Looney Tunes cartoon and the final cartoon produced by Leon Schlesinger during his stay at the Warner Bros.

Buckaroo is also one of Bob Clampett's finest cartoons. There's great animation from Bob McKimson and Rod Scriber to see in this gem, especially near the end when Red Ryder and his horse jump off a canyon cliff. The horse's take in that scene was genius and could only be thought up of by an animator from Clampett's unit. I think it was McKimson, but I'm not sure.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cobs and Robbers

I don't think I ever covered a Barney Bear cartoon before, but here goes...
Now, Barney was made back in 1941 by Rudie Ising. His earliest shorts were kinda Disney-esque, but rather dull to me. His last official cartoons were made in the 50's by Dick Lundy. I think these were the best thatnks to great comic timing. Lundy's cartoons weren't funny on the same level as Tex Avery's, but still laughable.
Cobs and Robbers is actually my favorite one from this era. The wind-up crow bait gag was just hilarious. Don't know who animated it, but combined with Scott Bradley's musical score - genius!
Oh, and look at the card around 1:27! ;)

Hare-abian Nights

Man, it's been a while!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Hope this will entertain all you faithful readers.
This is the only cartoon that I know of that was directed by one of Chuck Jones' best animators, Ken Harris. I feel it could have been better, since this is only a "clip-show" type of cartoon. At least we get to see Yosemite Sam drawn the Chuck Jones way. It's a rare find, and that's why I felt I should of posted it.