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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Barbary-Coast Bunny

This is one of my favorite Chuck Jones Bugs cartoons. I enjoy the premise of the story as well as Chuck's drawing style in this era. His stuff in the 50's and early 60's had the best look, I think. I also admire the design of the villain, Nasty Canasta. He looks so slobbish yet appealing. Mr. Jones really had a way with drawing as John K puts it, "lummoxes". His Bugs Bunny is also quite handsome looking too.


Chris Sig said...

If memory serves, this was a rare moment for Daws Butler making an uncredited mark in his voice acting career, playing Nasty Canasta. Works brilliantly for this cartoon, I reckon :)

I remember as well how I was slain by the "poker" and "bigger hand" gags - even Canasta's reaction to the latter had me rolling!

JSmith said...

I agree with you Chris. Canasta made this cartoon!