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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More things have changed!

I've gone back and changed some posts as well as upload new videos to Blogger so that all of you faithful followers can watch the cartoons!

The Cat Above...

Tee for Two
Rabbit Transit


Jamie Roberts said...

hey was browsing blogs and came across yours and ive gotta say its great.. there arent enough blogs where people just express their sole interest and watching some of these clips brings back some real memories

check out my page and if u have any movie, music or any entertainment review requests just let me know.


Jamie Roberts said...

thanks a lot it seems quite tough to get popularity on here.. with reference to bad grammar it was a quickly typed article must say.
and yes Mike Myers has a cameo role playing an English general in a breifing seen... look out for him!

by the way i wasnt sure if i needed to post this on my page or yours haha, need to get used to blogger