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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bear and Eli

Meet Bear and Eli, a brother and sister team of two toy animals: one is a panda and the other an elephant. The two have marvelous adventures inside the world of imagination whenever their "mother", a little girl names Susie Wood, goes to school everyday.

Bear acts as Eli's big sister. She is a sweet, caring individual but isn't afraid to take on responsibilities. She doesn't mind baths and respects rules. She is authoritative and has a more realistic approach to things than her brother. It's her seriousness that can make her frustrated with Eli sometimes, but she still loves her brother all the same and will do anything to keep him happy and safe.

Eli is like Bear's little brother. He is all heart and extremely playful and child-like in temperament and it's because of this that he can get frustrated easily. He hates veggies and baths. Overall, he's a big bundle of love.

Back in high school, I had a friend, Vicki, who had these two pink stuffed animals named Bear and Eli. Respectively, they were a bear and an elephant. So after she made a short play script for our Children's Theater class based off of the two toys, I thought about what they would look like as cartoons. These drawings were the result.

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