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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Treading on Hot Water or Love Sinks

Fred and Lenny go to the Amazon to catch a basilisk, a type of lizard famous for running on water. Unlike all of the other animals they try to catch, this one WANTS to be with the two animal collectors. Why?

It turns out that the basilisk they catch is a female and winds up having a crush on Fred. She even goes out of her way to hug, kiss, or dance with him even if he can't walk on water. Will her love last? Or will the dwarf crocodile have to break the ice?

The climax of this cartoon involves the basilisk and Fred performing a tango while Fred is half-submerged in water and his partner perfectly strides on the surface of the water. As Fred reluctantly "dances with his partner", Lenny watches from the shore of the river and tries to see what's going on.

If you noticed, the last drawing's in color! I'm gonna post drawings in ink and color from here on out. :D

Here's some music I'd love to use specifically for this cartoon.

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