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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pint-Sized Pachyderm

Now that I've covered all the characters, I can now start on stories! :D
Pint-Sized Pachyderm.
Fred the crocodile and Lenny the hippo are bums at the end of their rope. One day, they find an ad in the newspaper about a $50000 prize for catching the world's smallest elephant. After seeing the ad, they apply together for a job with the San Diego Zoo to catch the rare elephant. They are hired and travel to Africa to make their catch. They find the elephant they're looking for, but fail with each attempt to catch it. When they finally capture the little elephant, they find out there's a smaller one they missed!

This'll probably be the "pilot" for the series. Even though they lost this round, they still have lots of other critters to catch!

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Mia said...

Justin I adore it! I can't wait :]