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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fred and Lenny

Meet Fred and Lenny, another cartoon pair of mine. Both of them are animal hunters whose jobs are to find the rarest animals and collect them for zoos so that kids around the world can see them in all their glory. However, they constantly screw up their chances with each hare-brained scheme Fred cooks up.

Fred is the dwarf crocodile. He's the smaller one of the two, but also the brains. Fred usually has all the ideas, but they're never very good or successful. Since his plans never work, poor Fred can get easily frustrated and sometimes gets angry to the point where he has to use anything he can find as a punching bag to cool down. Usually, it's Lenny. Fred also has a tough and pugnacious persona, refusing to give up.

Lenny's the hippopotamus and a loyal lummox who acts as Fred's best friend. He's has a gentle disposition until someone hurts his best friend. Lenny also has the habit of calling Fred "George". He's super strong but not the shiniest apple on the tree. Despite his intelligence level, whenever Lenny has an idea to catch their animal (and that's once in a blue moon) it always works!

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